My research is in security and privacy, which has in the past included topics such as public-key authentication (particularly for HTTPS), cryptocurrency, future Internet architecture, and DNS. It is likely that my future work will continue to focus on public-key authentication and cryptocurrency, but also include smaller projects in applied cryptography, smart contract applications, incentives in security and privacy, and security education. If you like building software but security is not your cup of tea, I also usually have some software engineering projects to work on.

I am always looking for students to do research with. If you are currently an Olin student, please email me or catch me somewhere on campus to set up a time. Ideally, you should have taken Software Design or have an equivalent amount of coding experience and be comfortable with writing, refactoring, and documenting code. It’s even better if you have interests in mathematically deeper topics in security (such as cryptography), though I do my best to find a project that works well for both of us.

If you are not a current Olin student and you do not know me, it is highly unlikely that I can work with you. The reality is that you would have to spend a summer here to work with me, and my ability to mentor you in a project is usually quite limited by what my funding will cover. That being said, if you feel that you have both a good project idea and a detailed idea of how you would implement your idea, please let me know about it and I will try to take a look.

Currently Available Projects

Coming very soon (around December 2019/January 2020)!

Past Projects

When I get some time, I will fill this section in.

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