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The Ice Cube

Yesterday I went to a small cafe at ETH for a language tandem meeting. To those who aren’t familiar with tandems, a language tandem is a partnership of two people with differing mother tongues who help each other learn the other’s language, mostly through speaking practice. For people like me who want to speak the language as much as possible, it’s a great system, and to top it off, it’s also free here.

Anyways, I went to this cafe and ordered a Coke. The barista asked me if I wanted ice and lemon, so I said yes. He picks up a glass, opens up a bucket of ice, and with a pair of tongs puts one ice cube into the glass. Just one.

The nice thing was that my Coke wasn’t watered down as it often gets with a lot of ice. The not-so-nice thing was that the Coke was warm after about a minute.

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