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Here are some links to sites I’ve found useful, amusing, inspiring, or just plain addictive.


Matt Might’s Blog is one of my personal favorites. He is perhaps best known for The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D., but his articles onĀ getting into grad school or what every CS major should know are also excellent.

Moxie Marlinspike’s blog is also great, particularly with regards to its discussion of crypto topics.

Learning German

There are many German-English dictionaries out there, but the two I use the most are Leo and dict.cc. Both have a huge number of both standard expressions and slang. Leo provides basic tense information for verbs, and dict.cc sorts results by the number of occurrences, giving users a sense of which meanings of a word are most frequently used.

Linguee demonstrates the usage of words in context both in German and in English, and also gives information on how often a German word is used with a certain English meaning.

Canoonet is also a great dictionary with example sentences, though there are no English translations of the words. Its best feature, however, is its word builder, which shows related words created by adding prefixes or changing the part of speech (see an example for “fragen“, meaning “to ask”).


I am a member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Please consider supporting them or at the very least keeping yourself informed about important issues in today’s Internet.


If you enjoy solving puzzles in mathematics, physics, or computer science, I recommend joining Brilliant. Members of the community create and solve problems in a variety of subject areas, including calculus, combinatorics, geometry, and physics.


Other miscellaneous links I like to show people:

  • jslinux – a PC emulator written in JavaScript.
  • mov is Turing-complete (PDF) – a paper showing how a Turing machine can be simulated using only the mov x86 instruction. There is also a C compiler into only mov instructions, called movfuscator.

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